Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Real Estate


A common mistake people make is to spend a lot of money – renovations, new roof, remodeling. While buyers will be impressed with these things, spending $5000 on remodeling will not add $5000 to your sale. Spend as little money as possible, and spend it on cosmetic, readily seen features like interior painting. The time to remodel is when you plan to stay in the house, not when you’re going to sell.


THE GOAL... Make it CURB APPEAL ready - make it shine and buyers will notice it FAST! 

Don't get overwhelmed thinking about all the task and items that need to be completed before you put the FOR SALE sign in the front yard.  Take it step by step or as we like to say "Room by Room".

#!... Let's get rid of the clutter, "junk" and unwanted items.  Have a garage sale.  Donate to a local shelter or Volunteers of America or Savers... what ever you feel best about doing.  Keep the receipt and use it for your tax deduction time.  If you have a lot of junk... Call 1-800-GotJunk.  They will come and haul away just about anything for a very reasonable price.  Once the clutter is cleared away, it will be easier to see what needs to be done.

This is your first impression, so it had better be a good one.


Manicure your lawn and landscaping...

  • Edge, mow and fertilize the lawn regularly.
  • Make sure it’s well watered and reseed any sparse areas 
  • Even during drought time it is vital to keep that grass looking decent.
  • Trim all your headges, weed the flower beds, get some new mulch - rip out overgrown and old vegetation to give the home a fresh new vibe.

Say what... Mailbox makeover?  Paint it, clean it make it look nice and stand out as buyers come down the road.

Welcome your buyers with a NEW welcome mat and a pot of flowers.

Do not over look your foundation, walk way, landscaping walls for cracks and crumbling signs.

Reseal the driveway if it is in bad shape.

Powerwash the siding if it is looking dirty or faded.  Clear away cob webs.

 Brighten up the front of home by painting the shutters a fresh new color to make the house"Pop".  Maybe paint the garage door to make it look fresh.  Front door looking a bit drab?  Paint it a fresh new color to update.

Replace all exterior light bulbs.  Make sure the door bell works properly

Clean the gutters inside and out. 

Take a look at the roof - is there algae growth or missing shingles?  Replace the shingles as needed.  Use a mixture of clorox and water to kill the mildew and algae growth on roof.

Wintertime and you are selling?  Make sure the driveway, walk way and front stoop are ice free at all times.

Keep garage door close at all times - noone wants to see your stuff.

Make the windows sparkle inside and out.

Store NOTHING outside, keep everything stored in the garage, attic or basement.



Nothing is more offensive then walking into a home and smelling stale cigarette smoke, strong cat litter, pet accidents or mildew.  Even with a price reduction chances are buyers will not want to revisit the home.  So what do you need to do???

  • Everything off the kitchen counters
  • Get rid of the clutter
  • Clean out closets, cabinets, garage, basement and attic  
  • Repair walls and keep the paint color to a neutral palette.

If you think your wallpaper is out dated... chances are it is!  Have it removed and freshen the walls.

Dripping faucets or toilets running constantly?  Stop ignoring it - fix it!

Update the kitchen by changing the cabinet hardware.  

Replace the window treatments in the house if outdated.

How does your carpet look?  If you know it is dirty - get is professionally cleaned.  Most buyers can not see past the "dirt" 

Windows open and close ok?  Any rips in your screens?  Fix them!

Replace light bulbs through out the home to make sure your home shines bright!

Squeaky doors?  WD40 to the rescue...

Old worn and unattractive furniture?  You know you have some - now is the time to get rid of it.  Make rooms feel more spacious by rearranging furniture and getting rid of old pieces.

Clean all appliances inside and out...

Give your bathroom an instant make over by replacing the shower curtain and coordinate with towels.

Use a Mr. Clean scrubbing pad to clean all finger marks off walls and doors



  • Let the light in!  Keep all drapes and blinds open.
  • Let your nose do the sniffing - anything smell peculiar find it and get rid of it.  
  • Empty out the garbage and kitty litter.
  • Turn all the lights on.
  • Sweep front walk way and clear away all extra outdoor stuff into garage
  • If evening showing, make sure porch light is on.
  • Freshen up the bathrooms - don't leave it looking like you just took a shower.  
  • All dishes in the dishwasher
  • All kids toys picked up and stored in bins for showings.
  • Take Fido or FiFi with you when buyer are viewing the home - he might not bite but the potential buyers may be deathly scared of pets.