Tiffany Hilbert
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Tiffany Hilbert

Lic. Real Estate Salesperson

I first got my real estate license back in 1990 and started a company called The Roommate and Apartment Network.  The primary objective of the company was to help people meet up with potential roommates to help with rent.  We also assisted landlords with finding tenants.  At that time many large corporations such as Kodak, Xerox and Bausch and Lomb were thriving in the Rochester market and they hired summer interns.  I was able to secure housing contracts with those firms to help find short term living solutions for their interns.  IN 1995 I sold the business to be a "stay home mom" after having my 2nd child.  I got back into real estate in 2000 doing all the marketing and back end support for our niche family owned real estate company Hilbert Realty.  When my husband brought Keller Williams Realty to Rochester in 2009 I again facilitate the back end support designing business space, technology, start up efforts to launch the company.  In 2016 I re took the real estate course because I let my license lapse over the years and took over our team - freeing my husband to manage our local Keller Williams Company.

  • Favorite part of my job... I LOVE WHAT I DO!! I love the people that surround each day - our team!  I never realized how much I would enjoy leading a team.  Our passion and number ONE THING is to help our clients with the biggest investment - whether they are selling it or buying it.  We love helping people find the perfect place to make their memories!!
  • We are a team with each person having a specialty that we concentrate on - our team partnership allow us to be productive and sell real estate at a high level.  I service all of our sellers and presenting their homes to the highest level.  
  • It is now more important then ever that a high level of conversation is had with buyers and sellers explaining every nuance of our current real estate procedures and protocols.  Not only from a safely level but also from a careful and thought out contract level.  We help clients formalize the strongest offers possible given their financing options.  We counsel our sellers on every offer that we receive and explain why one may be more favorable then another.  We are constantly sharing what is happening in the market and explain how it affects them and their property.  We have strong partnerships with many local vendors which allow us to further assist our clients with their home improvement needs as well.

Have you heard the term... early bird catches the worm?  That is the mantra that I live by.

  • Sales are great but making people happy is better and the best feeling knowing they are in a place that they love!
  • It is always about doing the right thing = ALWAYS!  There may be tough conversations that have to be had with members of our team or clients ... but with out having those conversations things can not be resolved. Being honest, fair and up front are paramount to our business model.  I often will start a tough conversation with a client by asking them " on a scale of 1-10... 10 me being 100% honest and 1 being I sugar coat everything - where do I have your permission to be?"  The answer is always a "10" - that has set the expectation right up front that there will be no surprises but straight forward conversation that might be hard to hear.  


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